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What we're about

About Us

Feral Frenzy is a subscription based animation production company which produces high quality, frame by frame animation and art. We produce both simple loops and long (up to 6 minute) animations which are distributed to our subscribers on a monthly basis.

Feral Frenzy was formed by the collaborative efforts of Ito and Paloma, after collaborating on several animations in 2020. Upon originally consisting of just them both, they have since expanded to include several other artists and animators who now contribute to the platform with regularity.

Feral Frenzy is owned and operated by a private LLC registered in the state of New York.


Our Team


co-owner, artist, animation director

Ito lives in New York has a degree in computer graphics and animation. Together with Paloma he started Feral Frenzy as a collaborative effort to produce hi quality SFW and NSFW furry content.


co-owner, artist, animator

Paloma lives in Crimea and has a background in animation, and has worked at serval animation studios professionally. Together with Ito, she started Feral Frenzy, and the unique look of the animated characters are crafted in her style.


contributing artist

Eri lives in Chile and has a background in art. Able to draw a vast array of different species and styles his art is part of the exclusive content that subscribers will have access to.


contributing artist

Etheross lives in Poland and is one of the more well known feral furry artists. His style is heavily inspired by anime (the artist Nezumi especially) and is part of that art team that supplys subscribers with monthly content.


contributing animator & artist

Digitoxici lives on the west coast, USA, working on digital and animated art that focuses on feral felines. Digi enjoys drawing a wide range of animals and mythical creatures, and is part of the team that supplies monthly content for patrons.


contributing artist

Aaorin lives in Russia and has a background in anime and Manga illustration, and has done professional freelance work for several publications. She now works as one of our contributors who supplies our members with exclusive content.

What's happening

Our Content

Our content consists of a varity of subject matter, both NSFW and SFW. We do both feral and anthro content consisting of both art and animation. Our discord server and our twitter is where our content is more frequently posted. Please make sure to join and follow for frequent updates and teasers!

Premium content access

Join the Frenzy

Support our craft and become a monthly contributor to our adult oriented SubscribeStar platform.
Please read our how-to guide for detailed directions on accessing our content once you sign up!

Feral Frenzy! Merchandise


Bring our designs to real life at our merch store

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What exactly is Feral Frenzy?

A: Feral Frenzy! Productions is an animation and art production company that produces hand drawn traditional animation and art, with a feral (non-anthro) focus. It is distributed on a weekly basis to our subscribers based on a subscription tier reward system. Feral Frenzy's parent company is a registered LLC out of New York State.

Q: How much does it cost per month?

A: There are three different tiers to choose from. They cost $2, $5, and 10$ per month.

Q: How often is content posted?

A: New content generally is available every week. Typically a couple of animations can be released per week, or one multi scene animation a week. New art from our contributing artists is generally released a few times a month for each artist. In total, we feel we supply more content per dollar then any other furry subscription platform.

Q: Can I cancel any time?

A: Yes! Just remember, you paid for the full month up front. Canceling the next day will terminate access immediately. You won't be getting the full value by canceling immediately.

Q: Are contributing artists/animators not allowed to produce certain personal content outside of Feral Frenzy?

A: No. Contributing artists are allowed to pursue any artistic measures they wish on their own. We do not restrict or limit what artists and animators do outside our platform, as long as it does not violate local laws. So no, they are not "locked" to our platform.

Q: As a subscriber, can I make requests?

A: Yes! VIP members can make art and animation requests, and we choose multiple ideas a month to animate from a pool of requests! Premium members can do the same with art requests.

Q: Is content posted directly to SubscribeStar?

A: No. Content is not available on SubscribeStar. SubscribeStar is only used as a "payment gateway" to our content. We supply access to our content thru the members section of this website, using the Discord API, which validates a role you must have.

Q: Do I have to be on the your discord group to access the content?

A: Yes. Leaving the group will cause your role for access to be removed. You CAN NOT access our content without being on our group with a proper role for access.

Q: What if I can't use SubscribeStar? I don't have a credit card!

A: Unfortunely only SubscribeStar allows our content to be funded and we are not aware of another platform that has similar leniency. If you do not have a credit card you could use a bank issued debit card, or get a credit card issued to you thru PayPal (if you like using paypal) We can confirm that works as well.

Q: Do you offer refunds if I don't want to use discord?

A: No. We have made it very clear discord is required for access in various places. We only offer refunds for transferring from one subscription platform (moving from Patreon to SubscribeStar for example) to the other. Emails requesting refunds because "You can't get it to work/ Don't have discord" will not be honored. We will work with you instead to get it to work, just simply ask! There is always a solution!

Q: Your discord link says the link is expired though! Is it not working?

A. This is a common issue. There are two possible issues because that link is not expired:

1. You didn't opt into NSFW servers in options if youre on IOS
2. Discord thinks you're underage due to a birthday setting

If there are additional problems, contact us via email for further support!


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